Valentina Rossi MC Sub Member - STMs Coordinator - Italy

Valentina Rossi is researcher at the Institute for International Legal Studies of the Italian National Research Council (ISGI – CNR), from 2008. She is also teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Chair of International Law and Chair on Human Rights Protection in the European Union), from 2005. Since 2003, she has been carrying out her research activities in the international law field, with specific experience in international law of the environment, links and interactions between environmental protection and human rights law, role of non-state actors in international environmental law.
On these topics, she has been collaborating with several academic institutions. She has been a research fellow at the Centre for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy (IEFE) of the Bocconi University, in Milan (2003 – 2007). In 2010, she obtained a PhD in International Law, at the University of Siena, with a research program concerning public information and participation in environmental matter.
In recent years, her research interests focused, inter alia, on issues related to the protection of the marine environment and maritime safety and security and from March 2012 she is member of the NETwork of experts on the legal aspects of MARitime SAFEty and security (MARSAFENET).
Her research activities led to the publication of papers in scientific journals and collective volumes and to the participation as a speaker in scientific conferences and academic seminars. She has also been working as a scientific consultant for public authorities, private sector and non governmental organizations. She has collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Environment, the Chemical Sector Observatory of the Italian Ministry for Productive Activities and with the Regional Agency for the environment of Campania. In 2010, she participated to an IUCN experts meeting on the Mediterranean governance. She still collaborates with IEFE on the development of research and training projects.


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