José Juste-Ruiz WG Member - Spain

José JUSTE-RUIZ is Professor of Public International Law and International Relations and former Head of the Department of International Law of the University of Valencia (Spain). As a consultant of the Spanish Ministry of the Environment he has a large experience as member of delegations to various international marine conventions, especially the 1972 London Dumping Convention and its 1996 Protocol, the 1992 OSPAR Convention and the 1976 Barcelona Convention and its Protocols. In 1994 he worked as a “national expert” at the Legal Service of the Commission of the European Communities. He acted as international expert of FAO for the drafting of the Water Code of South Africa (1997), and for the drafting of fishing and aquaculture legislation of the Dominican Republic (1996-97), Uruguay (2002) and Brazil (2005-2006). He was a consultant of the European Union for the drafting of fishing and aquaculture legislation in Bolivia (“Adepesca Project” 1998). In 2002 he was designated as UNEP expert in the protection and preservation of the marine environment, in conformity with Article 2 of Annex VIII of UNCLOS. Also in 2002 he was included in the list of Arbitrators in Environmental Matters of the Permanent Court of Arbitration of The Hague.  Between 2004 and 2006 he was member of the UNEP/MAP Working Group of Experts to prepare the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zones Management in the Mediterranean. He is currently a member of the Compliance Committee of the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, after being elected by the 17th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties (Paris, 8-10 February 2012).