Gemma Andreone MC Chair - Italy

Dr. Gemma Andreone is with the Institute for International Legal Studies of the Italian National Research Council (ISGI-CNR) as senior researcher since December 2001 and she has been teaching as adjunct Professor of International Law at the University of Naples “L’Orientale” since November 2001. She obtained a PHD in Public and European Law at the Faculty of Law of Seconda Università of Naples in 2001 and a LLM in European Law and Economics at the University of Naples Federico II in 1998.

Currently she is Chair of the COST ACTION IS 1105 “MARSAFENET” – NETwork of experts on the legal aspects of MARitime SAFEty and security ( – funded by the EU 7° FP through COST/ ESF (March 2012- March 2016).

She is author of books, papers, and articles on many international law issues, and especially on the law of the sea, fisheries and Mediterranean sea governance. She has given lectures at symposia, academic courses and seminars in international public law, law of the sea, human rights law and environmental law. In these fields, she has developed solid training and advising skills and competencies working for academic institutions, public and private bodies and an international organization (CERN Legal Office), also achieving an extensive experience with supervision of students, coordinating groups, drafting and adjudicating scientific research projects at national and regional level. She is legal adviser and solicitor at the Bar of Rome, Italy.

She has been member of several international working groups as the IUCN/CEL Specialist Group on Ocean Law and Governance, the IUCN Working Group on the Governance of the Mediterranean Sea and, since 2001, she is member of the International Association of the Law of the Sea in which she has been appointed Treasurer in May 2009 and elected member of the Scientific Counsel in December 2012 .