Main objective of Marsafenet Action is to develop a methodological advancement in legal research which might enhance a better understanding of the existing complex legal framework on maritime safety and security. More in details, Marsafenet aspires to establish an interdisciplinary network of researchers in the field of maritime security and safety, to enhance the sharing of information and results among different research groups, to implement integration of research, policy making, industries, business sector and civil society developing new and interdisciplinary skills, education and innovation capacities; to promote the involvement of early-stage researchers in research activities within the aforementioned thematic area.

Secondary objectives of the Action consist in establishing a research community in the field of maritime safety and security; in designing an international research agenda around the topic to be offered to EU and national research institutions and generate other research activities among partners; in involving early-stage researchers in the research activities; in enhancing the transfer and the circulation of knowledge and the building of capacity in the field area to concerned operators and stakeholders.